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09000322 Vest Men's 19thC, blue linen, C49
09000446 Vest Early 19thC plum black, C38
09000536 Vest Early 19thC black red brocade C38
09000545 Vest early 19thC burgundy gold brocade C42
09000742 Vest early 19thC  black brocade gold buttons C42
09001027 Vest off white with navy pin stripe C38
09001619 Vest Early 19th C cream navy pinstripe wool padded C38
09001622 Vest pink twill C38
09001718 Vest pink floral satin brocade C38
09001734 Vest black wool collarless C38
09001817 Vest early 19thC cream grey pink embroidery C38
09002015 vest mens 19th Century rust brown green gold C42
09002016 Vest gold burgandy stripe C39
09002114 Vest early 19thC dark orange C42
09002115 Vest grey blue, grey satin collar C36
09002229 Vest early 19thC black piping C38
09002385 Vest Mens Early 19th C ivory brocade C46
09002411 Vest beige floral brocade C36
09002583 Vest Mens Early 19th C red gold floral brocade C41-42
09002609 Vest Men's Early 19thC, orange brown stripe satin, C44
09002611 Vest, grey and blue plaid C33
09002625 Vest black wool rounded collar C36
09002807 Vest early 19thC purple wool C40
09003004 Vest Early 19th C, black plum gold, floral, C45 W39-41
09003047 Vest Mens Early 19th C ivory green mauve brocade C44
09003202 Vest white pique C39
09003726 Vest Mens Early 19th C cream brocade C40
09004003 Vest grey black floral brocade C38
09004036 Vest Mens Early 19th C distressed grey wool 49L
09004193 Vest early 19thC cream gabardine C52
09004392 Vest early 19th C, yellow floral, C45 W37
09004590 Vest Distressed early 19thC navy C43
09004603 Vest early 19thC multi gold silver check C44
09004702 Vest early 19thC black gold brocade C43
09004887 Vest Mens Early 19th C black tan stripe faille C40
09004900 Vest brown maroon beige brocade, C42
09004986 Vest Early 19thC yellow silk  burgundy stripe C36
09005382 Vest early 19thC grey velour C38
09005395 Vest black backless
09005413 Vest early 19thC  green velour C42
09005886 Vest lt. blue verigated stripes C38
09005976 Vest black red beige stripe C36
09005978 Vest navy orange stripe C44
09006044 Vest Early 19thC black wool C44
09006072 Vest rust, olive, red plaid C40
09006242 Vest early 19thC black gold brocade 40R
09006270 Vest Distressed early 19thC orange wool C38
09006569 Vest orange maroon paisley C40
09006737 Vest 1820 orange black plaid C38
09007671 vest mens 19th century red gold brocade C42
09007745 Vest tan satin brocade C36
09007775 Vest early 19thC grey gold brocade gold cording C44
09008520 vest mens 19th c black grey wool tweed c43
09008550 Vest early 19th C cream gold stipe C40
09009269 Vest early 19thC blue velveteen C42
09009346 Vest bright blue multi stripe back C39
09009555 Vest Distressed red cream green stripe C41
09009652 Vest early 19thC wine gold brocade C42
09009740 Vest black faille C38
09009841 Vest green and beige brocade satin C50
09009843 Vest Early 19thC light grey C38 W31
09009940 Vest Men's 1820, green red yellow mottled jaquard, C54
09009942 Vest early 19thC white double breasted C44
09009943 Vest early 19thC gree gold brocade C43 W41 Portly
09010141 vest mens 19th century black textured jaquard double breasted C38
09010535 Vest early 19thC gold and floral stripe C38
09010629 Vest early 19th C gold wool, C50
09010631 Vest early 19thC dark green silver buttons C38
09010735 Vest beige double breased round collar C41
09010832 Vest early 19thC beige floral distressed C42
09011031 Vest Early 19thC brown plaid C36
09011129 Vest early 19thC beige brocade yellow brown roses C43
09011327 Vest beige gold strip pink roses brocade C47
09011523 Vest early 19thC green brown subtle stripe C42
09011524 Vest metallic blue paisley C38
09011725 Vest Early 19thC olive burgundy brocade C38
09011920 Vest early 19thC green gold lace over C40
09012216 Vest grey wool C43
09012415 Vest Early 19thC grey green wool plaid C39
09012615 Vest early 19thC cream brocade C42
09013011 Vest, off white, dbl breasted C36
09013109 Vest 19thC grey brown wool plaid C46
09013303 Vest early 19thC dark grey striped double breasted C39
09013505 Vest tan brown diamond wool C52
09014097 Vest early 19thC charcoal with boucle yarn 40L
09014493 Vest navy white herringbone stripe tweed C50
09014702 Vest early 19thC black gold dragon C40
09014889 Vest early 19thC black grey houndstooth C36
09015578 Vest corduroy, brown, orange, tan stripe C40
09015580 Vest charcoal grey wool standing collar C42
09015594 Vest beige, pink and gree gingham C37
09015975 Vest early 19thC brown herringbone C42
09016074 Vest grey velour C43
09016385 Vest black double breasted rounded collar C38
09016386 Vest 2 tone blue stripe C48
09016469 Vest mustard satin silver lace C39
09016568 Vest Distressed early 19thC cream floral brocade C38
09016668 Vest Early 19thC brown mauve velour C38
09016670 Vest early 19thC tan double breasted C46
09017068 Vest green and grey check C39
09017360 Vest green gold polka dot satin C52
09017363 Vest lt. blue and navy stripe C42
09017460 Vest Early 19th C silver stripe faille C38
09017464 Vest navy yellow stripe C44
09017564 Vest Men's brown green big plaid, C48
09017862 Vest early 19thC grey white checked wool C44
09017885 Vest early 19thC green blue stripe C44
09017955 Vest Early 19thC silver stripe C39
09017957 Vest Early 19thC green silk C38
09018083 vest mens early 19th century teal silk brocade C46
09018122 Vest Ealry 19thC olive black floral C36
09018253 Vest, backless, lt. charcoal wool
09018364 Vest Early 19thC silver velour C38
09018557 Vest gold and black toile, 5 button, C38
09018845 Vest early 19thC copper metallic brocade C42
09018846 Vest dark multi colored, high cut C36
09018914 Vest early 19thC orange wool C38
09019077 Vest early 19thC beige C37
09019112 rust, black floral brocade C42
09019176 Vest late 19th C blue floral C38
09019454 Vest gold black diamond C38
09019508 Vest ealry 19thC orange black yello check C40
09019639 Vest, backless lavander grey wool
09020034 Vest Early 19th C silver stripe faille C35
09020232 Vest Early 19thC green black C38
09020234 Vest Early 19thC grey check wool C38
09020726 Vest early 19thC white faille C50
09021137 Vest maroon, black brocade, C40
09021335 vest mens 19th century gold grey silk brocade C40
09021338 Vest light grey wool silver ball buttons C42
09021425 Vest burgundy, purple gold stripe, C40
09021437 Vest early 19thC grey velour C42
09021448 Vest early 19thC white herringbone C38
09021533 Vest early 19thC rust red brocade C39
09021631 Vest, charcoal grey, dbl breasted, backless W26
09021815 Vest Men's Early 19th C black multi floral brocade C38
09021818 Vest navy lavender stripe C42
09021915 Vest Early 19th C silver stripe faille C40
09022141 Vest gold black metalic brocade C39
09022413 Vest Early 19thC black satin roses, C38
09022415 Vest purple gold scroll C36
09022508 Vest gold, red, green paisley brocade C32
09022509 Vest black, brown, cream metalic with olive lining C36
09022524 Vest early 19thC white satin brocade C45
09022712 Vest maroon, rust scroll pattern brocade C35
09022714 Vest lt. blue stripe C36
09022735 Vest early 19thC taupe silk C39 W34
09022803 Vest early 19thC brown red herringbone C46
09022804 Vest early 19thC red with black piping C42
09022926 Vest early 19thC gold black stripe C40
09023306 Vest Early 19thC Maroon Wool C49
09023329 Vest early 19thC purple brocade C38
09023799 Vest Early 19thC black gold brocade C42
09025383 Vest Early 19thC high button black wool C41
09025397 Vest early 19thC black beige gingham C42
09025478 Vest early 19thC grey satin floral C40
09025479 Vest Early 19thC brown houndstooth C38
09025777 Vest Men's, early 19th C, grey stripe, 42R
09025973 Vest dark grey covered buttons C38
09026171 Vest early 19thC salmon sage brocade C38
09026269 Vest Early 19thC black gold floral C42
09026339 Vest early 19thC red white stripe C42
09027166 vest mens 19th century gold silk C41
09027555 Vest Men's 1800s Distressed, tan wool velcro back quick change closure,  C40
09028173 Vest Early 19thC grey brown plaid wool 39L
09028354 Vest early 19thC grey blue leaf C42
09028357 Vest beige pineapple pattern distressed C48
09028367 Vest early 19thC grey velvet silver buttons C42
09028402 Vest green - gold brocade, C42
09028548 Vest early 19thC mustard C40
09028647 Vest early 19thC burgundy olive brocade C38
09028660 Vest navy w red and green pattern, backless
09029282 Vest early 19thC black wool ric rack trim C44
09032965 Vest Mens Mid 19th C black wool C46
09033323 Vest Mens Early 19th C orange tweed wool silk 41R
09034131 Vest Mens Early 19th C beige brown floral cotton C49
09034236 Vest Mens Early 19th C grey copper stripe brocade C39
09034428 Vest Mens Early 19th C cream pink yellow floral cotton C48
09034606 Vest Mens Early 19th C black faille high collar C41
09034729 Vest Mens Early 19th C taupe grey brown brocade C38
09035224 Vest Mens Early 19th C dk blue tan brocade satin C40
09035323 Vest Mens Early 19th C black grey gold paisley brocade C46
09035761 Vest early 19thC iridescent copper silk C44
09036073 Vest early 19thC black brocade C46
09038228 Vest Mens 1830s blue diamond faille C45
09039338 Vest 19th C Mens Violet Floral Brocade, Cream Under Layer Gold Buttons 40R
09039350 Vest Mens Early 19th C Distressed yellow plaid 48 Portly
09039436 Vest Mens Early 19th C Scarlet Chenille Gold Trim C46
09039529 Vest Early 19th C Distressed Orange Houndstooth C40
09039535 Vest Mens Early 19th C Gold Purple Medalion Brocade C44
09039622 Vest Mens Mid 19thC Grey Woven C42
09039635 Vest 19th C Mens Teal Woven Cotton Blend  Orange Under Layer Tan Striped Taffeta Collar C40
09042034 Vest Early 19th C Pink Olive Brocade C40

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