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OSF Costume Rental FAQ’s

Who can rent from OSF Costume Rentals?
We rent to other theatres, educational institutions, TV, film, photographers, non-profits and corporate events. At this time we do not rent to private individuals for personal use.
How much do rentals cost?
We have a link to our price lists on our “Forms” page. The price list does not give exact prices for specific items but a range for budgeting purposes. Prices for weekly and production rates are also listed with each item on the website. Professional Non-Profit Theaters and Opera receive a 40% discount off the production rate for an 8 week rental, Educational Institutions and Community Theaters receive a 60% discount off the production rate for a 6 week rental. Please note that all rentals are subject to a $30/hour pulling fee (or 10% of the rental, whichever is greater) if an individual cannot come to pull their order in person. Rental rates do not include shipping.
How long will it take for me to get my order?
We do our best to accommodate your timeline, but of course the more lead time we are given, the better. Once we receive your order request and rental agreement we will pull your request and let you know availability, generally within 24-72 hours (possibly longer during our busy season, September through May). Requests are pulled in the order in which they are received. We then confirm your order with you and set up a ship date based on your need-by date. Ground shipping takes 2-7 business days, express shipping (3 day, 2 day and overnight) is also available.
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping rates can vary greatly and depend on the size, weight, value of the box and shipping speed. Because of the high quality of our costumes we insure all shipments for the replacement value of the order, which is most often in the thousands of dollars. This makes our shipping rates more expensive than standard retail shipping. We ship via UPS and add the shipping costs to your invoice, or we can bill shipping to your UPS or Fed Ex account.
Where can you ship to?
We can ship anywhere in the United States. At this time we cannot accommodate international orders.
I need a costume tomorrow! Can I place a rush order?
Yes, we can often accommodate rush orders, but a minimum $50 rush fee will be applied to your order. Our shipping deadlines are early in the day, so all rush orders must be received by 9:00am PST and confirmed by Noon PST in order to ship the same day.
If I select the costumes I want to rent from the website do I still have to pay pulling fees?
Yes, if you or a representative cannot physically come to pull costumes we charge an hourly rate of $30/hour for labor. We can typically pull 10-30 pieces per hour.
Can I come to OSF and pull my order myself?
Absolutely. We are open by appointment only Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm PST. Please email or call for an appointment.
Do I have to pay full price if my production run is shorter than the 6 or 8 week production time?
Yes, we do not prorate for shorter rentals.
Can I still rent if my show runs longer than 6 or 8 weeks?
Yes we can do extended rentals. We charge a prorated fee equivalent to one week rental for each extra week, up to 4 weeks (12 week total rental). If your production runs more than 12 weeks please call for pricing.
Do you rent show packages?
No, because of the unique sizing, styles and quality of our costumes we rent by the piece, not by the costume look, show, or show package. Feel free to rent as few or as many pieces as you need for your show. If you need assistance putting your order together please let us know. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your costume needs, show design, sizing, etc.
Do you have costumes available besides what is pictured on the website?
Yes, however the majority of our period “rentable” costumes are pictured on the website. We also have many more accessories in stock than are currently pictured. If you don’t see what you need feel free to ask!
Do you rent shoes and boots?
Yes. Please let us know what size color and style you need and we will email you pictures of what options we have in stock.
Do you rent wigs?
No, at this time we are not renting wigs.
What size are the costumes?
Most sizing information is indicated by B for bust, C for chest, W for waist, etc., and then the measurement in inches. These are flat measurements so the garment is at least the size shown if not larger. Please contact us if you have any questions about sizing on a specific garment.
Can I get multiples of a costume, or get a costume in a different size or color?
Most of our costumes are unique but we do have some multiples. Each picture represents one costume so we do not have different sizes or colors available unless indicated otherwise.
Can I alter the costume or change its appearance?
Minor alterations are okay, however the costume must be returned to its original condition before cleaning and returning or you may be subject to damage fees. Please refer to the alterations section in our rental policies.
What happens if a costume gets damaged during my production?
If a costume needs to be repaired or replaced upon return, damage and replacement fees are charged at the discretion of the Rentals Manager. If you have any questions regarding damage and replacement fees please call or email.
Can I rent a costume for my wedding, party, Halloween?
No, at this time we do not rent to private individuals for personal use.
Can I purchase a costume?
No, we are not currently selling any of our stock.
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